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Agricultural sector

1) Buying and selling of agricultural properties in the Czech republic

Our company offers mediation in buying and selling of agricultural properties.
After the accession of the Czech republic into the EU( 1.5.2004)  agricultural properties have become very atractive opportunity for middle-term and long-term investiments.
We collaborate with experts in this sector who are able to find the most interesting agricultural properties in the Czech republic.

2) Joint agricultural blocks

Our services are intended for those who bought agricultural property or for people who  want to create joint agricultural blocks are necessary for reaching the EU grants.
Since 1st of May 2004 the Czech republic is a memeber of the European union which entitles the owners of agricultural properties to utilize the european funds.
3) Juristic assistance connected to administration and rents

Our company collaborates with experts in this sector and offers juristic assistance connected to the administration of agricultural buildings. 
We can as well find a billet holders of agricultural propertiess which are disponible to pay profitable rent. It´s calculated on the ground of state schedules which are used for common occupational lease.
We offer consulting services: administration of agricultural buildings in order to increase the assets.
4) Management of  international or local grants

Our company offers the services regarding the agricultural fubds. We can help our clients to reach international or local grants( PAC) and agricultural expansion (PSR).
The Czech republic is registred in region 1 in programs of the EU and thanks to this CR is entitled to get financial aid for production sector and  for investimens.
5) Our experience and consulting service

Our company offers special references in technical  and economical sector and can help you to prepare a bussiness plan on the ground of professional analyses.
We are able to find agricultural lands in Czech republioc usufal for growing farm plants.
6) Historical buildings and castles

Our company is able to find for you  castles, historical buildings and other valuable real estate
These real estates are disponible for interesting price on the Czech market.
In future the value of this real estate will be grow.
This real estate can be used as building of value, as villas, etc.


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