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Real Estate Sector

1) Activity of agency: purchase, sale and lease of real estates

Our company deals with mediation of real estate.
We have lots of experience and thanks to our external collaborators we can satisfy all wishes of our clients
concerning selling and leasing of real estate in the Czech republic, primarily in Prague.


  • Apartaments
  • Houses
  • Apartament houses
  • Commercial spaces
  • Weekend houses
  • Historical building and villas
  • Farms

  • Apartaments
  • Houses
  • Commercial spaces
  • Farms
  • Another

2) Consultation of real estate

Our company offers these services: consultation of real estate as well as market research, estimates of prices of real estate. What´s more we search for our clients for real estate which are to sale or to rent in the Czech republic.
3) Administration and maintenance of real estate, reports on building, revision  and casual services of distribution and cleaning.

Our company collaborates with companies offering control and maintenance of buildings.
We offer administration and maintenance of real estate, comprise verification and revision of distribution and reports on building and cleaning of buildings.
We make reports on building and we provide our clients with assistence while negotiating and closing contracts.
4) Monitoring of extraordinary maintenance and selecting suppliers

Our company collaborates with companies which are specialized in administration and reconstruction of real estate, we search for suppliers, and we prepare a quotation  of works requested.
5) Administration of rents and relations with tenants

Our company offer services regarding administration of apartments in blocks of flats.
The services include administration and collection of rents and control of payments of tenants for services in flats.
In our services monitoring, revision of distributions and contacting with real estate control body is included.
6) Vacation of flats held by tenants with regulated rent

Our company offers to the clients juridical authorization of releases. We can help our clients to vacate apartments with regulated rent, find and propose the best solution in such cases.


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